The Walking School


What is The Walking School?

The Walking School is a passionate experiment in learning. We are a peripatetic school – we learn outside and on the move. We are a learning co-op, we are learner-led.

Each walk is free and open to all ages and abilities, so tell your friends. To find a walk go to our calendar page. To propose a walk, come to one and add your subject to our list.

We are co-authored because each of us has the power to shape and take responsibility for our learning. Our workshops are not lead by individuals, but are based on subjects chosen at random from our ongoing list of subjects. Because each person in the walk is everyone else's teacher, our walks naturally form learner-led situations of knowledge-sharing.

Walks usually last one to three hours and groups vary in size from five to a dozen people. We usually plan on physically returning as a group to our starting point, but with a new perspective. As we walk, we stay together, but usually form into changing pairs of two and three as we share what we know and each person gets a chance to learn from each other and everyone in the group.

The shared philosophy of The Walking School is that we find self-learning and the right to chose how and what one learns is a human right. We create safe spaces for people of all ages, identities, and abilities who wish to co-learn with us.

We ask three questions of every subject we explore together:

*What is it?
*What do I think of it?
*What can I do with it?

Our workshops can be skill-based, knowledge-based, play-based, and are always connected to our surroundings.

We are not affiliated with any one organization or institution. The Walking School was founded by Liz, Avalon, Gabrielle, Michael, Kathan, Tori, Craig, Christine, and others in 2016. The founding committee is responsible for maintaining the above principles in each workshop year and addressing needs that affect the project as a whole.

Creative Commons License
The Walking School by Avalon Kalin, Gabi Villaseñor, Michael Bunsen, Kathan Zerzan, Craig Florence, Christine, Tori Abernathy, and Liz Goltz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.